About Us

The Happy Knitter Wool Shop is an internet based, small family run business just south of Carlisle in the beautiful county of Cumbria, a land of sheep, forests and fields and stunning scenery.  We take pride in being able to offer the highest levels of service to our customers and aim to provide a friendly, fast and efficient service.

Knitting has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Taught by my mother as soon as I could hold a pair of needles and also at Primary School where I was very proud to win the Knitting Prize for knitting a dress and coat for my dolly!  I still remember it quite clearly and that was a fair few years ago!

Since then I  have knitted many wonderful things for myself and family and still enjoy knitting (and crochet) as much now as when I first started.  So much so I helped run a knitting group in a local school, teaching children how to knit, a skill sadly not taught anymore.

I am very passionate about the art of Knitting

It is one of the most enjoyable and therapeutic pastimes you could have.  Also it is so portable, you can knit or crochet almost anywhere, in the bus, on the train and I have passed many a motorway journey knitting in the back seat of the car, transported away in my own kntting world!

My love of all things woolly has brought me to establish The Happy Knitter Wool Shop selling wonderful wool and yarns, patterns and accessories at affordable prices.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, I will do my best to help!  Thank you for visiting the Happy Knitter Wool Shop website and hope you find shopping with us an enjoyable, easy and pleasant experience.

Hope this has encouraged you to pick up your knitting needles, and whether it be for yourself, family, friend, or charity.........I wish you Happy Knitting!